musicsdrugdealers replied to your post: y’all already know i’m hyped about born sinner… i ain’t even gotta say much

Yeess I love it! I thought he was gonna kinda continue with the whole b-ball story theme but I love this one, it kinda goes w/ his cute 2 horns and halo thing! Uggh can’t wait, I need singles!

also goes with a reoccurring theme in good kid, m.A.A.d. city like “i am a sinner / i know that i’ll sin again / lord forgive me” cole wasn’t kidding when he said they were gonna run a train on the world and i’m ready for it!

  1. musicsdrugdealers said: IKR?! Uggh I can’t wait for the album that they’re collaborating on! You know sometimes I’m like damnit, this generation won’t produce any legendary rappers/singers, but here these two come!
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