It’s baaaack! Hip Hop Supply Co. is back for a trial period of time. After doing a bit of looking into what people are still into, four new designs are now available for purchase. Shoutout to my good friend Bee for the new “Trill” design, it’s very appreciated! Click the photo to shop now :)
design suggestions?

it’s that time of the year again! THIS is my store, and if you have any designs specifically that you’d like to see (sayings, maybe some popular lyrics, etc) please let me know because i’m trying to cater to what you all want to see! (as long as it isn’t copyright protected/i can work around copyrights) you can drop suggestions in my ask or as a response to this question!

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hey guys! this is my store, and i need you guys’ help. what kind of designs would you all like to see up in the new collection? they DON’T have to be music related (actually, i would prefer you NOT to request specific artists any more), they can be hip hop related, general sayings, whatever you guys want to see and i can try to get them up. please look at the designs in the shop before you request because you may end up making a suggestion that’s already there.

the reason why i’m asking is because initially i thought about just having a blowout sale and getting rid of the store until i realized i actually need this store to stay afloat lol. and this store is about what you guys want and what i can provide for you, so let me know! you can reply to this post or drop a line in my ask box, either way it doesn’t matter as long as i get to see it. thanks!

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th30n34nt: i saw the other person submitted the same shirt, and since i was wearing the same shirt, why not?? haha Click here to shop Kanye West & more!
Submitted by reycs. Click here to shop YMCMB and more!
noloyaltynolove: can’t really see, but it’s the cole world shirt :) loooveee it <3 Click here to shop “Cole World” and more!
nik-cast: “my sister (graduation bear) and myself (yeezy taught me) before heading to the Big Day Out last Sunday to see kanye kill it :) your designs were perfect! thanks :)” Click here to shop Kanye West & more!
th30n34nt: a week and a half wait, but they finally came :D Click here to shop The Weeknd and more!
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Submitted by sagan-genesis. Click here to shop The Weeknd and much more!
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xsoundtracktomylifex: “XO ‘til we overdose ” Click here to shop The Weeknd & much more!